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Envision 3D Home & Landscape Design, LLCTM

"It's just like we Envisioned it!" TM

What Our Clients Say ...




Providing Excellent Service Since 2010!

JUST ANNOUNCED!   Envision 3D has earned the 2020 BEST of HOUZZ award to go along with the Exclusive Top-Rated Pro Honor with Houzz.com, and our  2015 - 2019 BEST of HOUZZ awards for Customer Service! Only 3% of ALL Houzz professionals receive this award.
Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design  Julie Kahn in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz

For the 6th year in a row, Envision 3D has just been awarded BEST OF HOUZZ 2020 by Houzz.com! 

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Design suggestions really helpful! Super excited! Really like the layout, really beautiful! ...Great, really! Very impressed!"

Anonymous, Remodel Clients, April 2021

* * * * *

"Very beautiful! Really appreciate it. So much to look at ... we like your work. Very attactive, extrememly pretty"

A. & G. Benjamin, Landscape Clients, Sept 2020

* * * * *

I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for the work you did on our yard project. I looked over the the binder last night and it looks fabulous! My apologies for not being able to meet up with you in person but getting away from work right now is not possible. Wes and I went over the plans last night and have begun to put the wheels into motion. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate the effort you put into this project. Once completed it will be our little oasis in the desert.

Angie Hagan, Client, April 2019

* * * * *

Realizing I had a need to visualize an extensive remodel to my home I selected Envision 3D from internet reviews. This excellent service provided me with exactly that and more. Execution, communication, and deliverables are the best. I highly recommend this service for anything you are going to work on Landscape, interior, kitchen, bath whole house projects. I will be using service again shortly for exterior renderings to submit to my HOA for modernization of my homes style. Thanks for being the best!

B. Gallagher, Client, March 2019

* * * * *

I just wanted leave a note to let you know that I truly enjoyed working with you--multiple times now, and feel very confident in your company, having been your client on so many projects. Your great design work is much appreciated and I am confident that you will continue to meet my property design needs in the future.

Martin G., Contractor, December 2018

* * * * *

We used Envision 3D Home& Landscape Design to help us with our horrible front yard. They brought creativity, reasonableness and vision to our front yard. They gave us all the details we needed, from what it should cost to what kind of plants to buy. They were incredible to work with and made the project we'd been putting off and dreading something exciting.

Stacy Blackwell, Client, December 2018

* * * * *

Envision 3D helped with every aspect of completely overhauling my investment home. They provided me with numerous candidate floor plans for the major remodel, including completely relocating the living room into an addition; doubling the size of the master bedroom; and quadrupling the size of the master bath area. On the exterior, Envision 3D came up with a number of concepts for redesigning the front entry and even helped with candidate stucco and trim/front door colors. Every detail was presented in very detailed, realistic 3D. They also provided a full set of construction plans for permitting purposes. Next, I may very well use Envision 3D for design-rendering the perimeter wall and gate. You won't regret using Envision 3D's outstanding services.

Adela Goen, Client, November 2018

* * * * *

We would give Envision 3D 10 stars if we could! The Envision Team is a pleasure to work with and their design ideas are fabulous!!! Our house was built in the 1970's and was badly in need of a total remodel. We didn't know where to begin. We had some ideas, but didn't want to tear downs walls or change flooring without knowing how it would look. Envision 3D was the perfect solution! We know exactly what our home will look like after the remodel....and Envision knocked it out of the ball park with the design!!! You can not go wrong with Envision 3D!

Elizabeth Donohue & Rico Valdez, Clients, March 2018

* * * * *

Envision 3-D created a beautiful concept for our small backyard in the High Desert neighborhood. They worked with the Neighborhood Association in order to ensure that their concept was consistent with covenants, and provided different ideas for our consideration. They were very professional, very responsive, and a true pleasure to work with. We have contracted to complete the work this spring. Our friends who have seen the design all rave about the concepts. The ability to see all the 3D images and to view the yard from all angles and light scenarios was especially helpful. Highly recommend!

Marcus Craig and Anna Schauer, Clients, Dec 2017

* * * * *

I absolutely loved working with Envision 3D for my kitchen/home remodel. They combined my vision and dream kitchen with their knowledge and professionalism and the results are fantastic! They made the process easy and fun! The 3-D images are priceless and the design review meetings were so helpful! I can't imagine what I would have done without them. They most certainly saved me from making costly mistakes had I not been able to 'Envision' it. This is a MUST DO for any remodel! This company is amazing!


Kanella Chronis, Client, Nov 2017


* * * * *


WOW! That's all I could say when I saw the plans.  They took a dirt pit that I couldn't imagine it looking anything but sunburnt and made it into something I could see myself escaping to for morning coffee.  They heard what we were trying to do and they heard how much we had to spend.  They worked within our budget and our hopes.  We cant say enough about working with Envision.  Now, onto our bathroom with them!


Stacy & Scott Blackwell, Homeowners, Sept 2017


* * * * *


In doing the design review of the landscape plan I was very impressed with the skill and professionalism that went into the plan. The ability to view the plan in 3D was extremely helpful. The designers also made themselves available to meet with me to discuss the plan which again was very helpful.


Jack Eichorn, Client

Homeowner's/Community Association Director, Mar 2017


* * * * *


Envision 3D far surpassed our expectations, their finished product was down right impressive! Been working in this industry since the mid 90's and this plan is by far the most detailed and best looking that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


Zee Cruz, Contractor, Feb 2017

* * * * *


These guys are awesome ,

I'm super happy with the work ..

I explained what we wanted , and they delivered exactly what I had in mind and beyond, very awesome in details ..


Jose L. Diaz, Hownowner, Feb 2017


* * * * *


Envision 3D was very helpful in helping us take our two dimensional house plans into a 3D perspective. Their services gave us a lot of insight on the direction to go with designing our custom home. Envision 3D owners are very friendly and helpful and we enjoyed getting to work with them.


Tony & Sandra Smith, Homeowners and Contractor, Oct 2016


* * * * *

Envision 3D Home & Landscape Design, LLC would be our first choice in Albuquerque, NM. Why? They are a hardworking, professional, and accurate design business. They definitely went beyond our expectations for what we had requested of them. They even made technical and detailed phone calls to the city to cover every nook and cranny. ... We can say they are the BEST!


Lenee Jacquez, Howmowner, Oct 2016

* * * * *

Starting with the services provided, Envision 3D had exactly what I was looking for. I required a professional design team to design my family's dream home. As a building contractor, I think I can be a very picky client when choosing a subcontractor for a personal project. I have very high expectations and the Envision Team went above and beyond what was needed. Their designs meet my specifications to the letter. They were able to add details that meet my overall design that I had not considered. The 3D renderings are a thing to see. The ability to add actual views from planned windows, and place realistic images of existing furniture are next level. I cannot say enough positive things about this team. The only thing I can do to repay them the service they provided me is to recommend them to all my clients who have major building plans in their future.


Jim Zwierlein, Homeowner and Contractor, Sept 2016


* * * * *


The experience we had with Envision 3D was great. Envision 3D was very professional and kept the project easy and smooth. They were able to combine all the elements that we liked and come up with a design that we love. We are looking forward to  turning the design into our dream backyard. We highly recommend Envision 3D for anyone looking to professionally design their yard or remodel their house.


Alex Liu, Howmowner, Mar 2016

* * * * *

We hired Envision 3D to help us realize our vision to update our original 1974 home and improve the functionality of the kitchen, master bath and laundry room. This is a whole-house remodel- every room in the house is being affected, some more than others. Envision 3D presented us with many creative alternatives for the kitchen, the master bath and a guest room/study and knew how to update the rest of the rooms. Throughout the design process, we were pleased with the creativity, patience and responsiveness to our comments and concerns. We are very pleased with our final design, and are glad that Envision 3D are available to assist us as we move forward in contacting contractors and soliciting bids. We can't wait to show them the house once it's complete.   Thanks Envision 3D!


Greg & Colleen Wyss, Howmowners, Feb 2016

* * * * *

This was the third remodeling project I have contracted out to Envision 3D for the design.  Once again, thank you so much for all the wonderful stuff you created for my rental home.  You were able to show me different ideas to make it look so much better.  I would have never thought of using dead space of an attic to make a room seem so much bigger. Everything you designed was way more than I could have imagined doing for this particular home.  I have been trying to redesign it for a while. 

Thank you again.


Vince Losack, Howmowner, Jan 2016

* * * * *

Envision 3D was thoughtful and inventive. I appreciate their insight and assistance. They took a personal interest in our project and lead us to some innovative answers to our challenges. We appreciated the presentations in 3D and how they gave us a better comparison of the options available. 

David Calkins, Homeowner, Dec 2015


* * * * *


Envision 3D came to our house and had a look and explained how their design process works They were very knowledgeable and professional. Having hired other design companies and not very happy we thought we would try Envision 3D. Our project was very complex and in need of someone with a good eye and a lot of vision. Envision 3D came thru and we couldn't be happier. We are currently in the construction process and hope to have our home and our lives back again by mid September!


Thanks Envision 3D!


Zack & Anita Ortiz, Howmowners, Aug 2015

* * * * *
Envision 3D Home & Landscape Design, LLC provided us with amazing inspiration for our landscape design. They were very professional, accommodating and creative. Our backyard was a challenging space and they provided a beautiful plan. They were great to work with and we highly recommend them for their services.

Gigi Yu, Homeowner, July 2015


* * * * *

This company provided me with spectacular service, drawings that impressed the landlord to the extent of him then covering and build the entire tenant improvement. The Initial floor draft helped to lay out multiple ideas. Thank you for the help and service and ability to work with such a great team!


V. Losack, Healing Massage Owner, Client, Jan 2015


* * * * *

Envision is a design firm that I work with in my custom cabinet business, Their team is professional and the approach to client relationships is creative and conscientious. Envision guides the homeowner toward an overall quality end product with respect to budget and schedule. The project must move fluidly to completion so that the homeowner is more than satisfied with the work and will refer future projects. Envision manages all of the moving parts of remodeling toward this goal and has been successful in my association with them.


Craig Sauers, Owner, Kitchens By Craig, Client, Jan 2015


* * * * *

 Thank you for your hard work!

The best part of this project is the fact that you envisioned everything difficult to imagine. There are many highlights the credits belong to you, the front porch, the foyer, the staircase, the balcony, the master bedroom... 

Thank you again for enabling my vision and continuing realizing my dream! 

Mei Q., Homeowner, Dec 2014


* * * * *

Envision 3D provides detailed projections of home renovation/construction in a very professional & timely matter. Clients are better able to envision what the finished product will look like in their space, even different color choices for their countertops. Very friendly, helpful & thorough


Phil Jakovich, Mgr, Santa Fe Granite, Client, Dec 2014.


* * * * *

We hired Envision 3D Design to design and produce bath vignettes for our brand new 15,000 sq. ft. showroom. We gave them parameters and products to feature. They efficiency handled the entire process - beginning with the design and 3D drawings and translated them into stunning reality. They obtained material and products and managed the entire construction of the full scale displays within our budget. Julie Kahn and her staff were very professional and pleasant to work with. They have the complete knowledge and experience of interior design and produced a range of design ideas and features. The end result has been a valuable resource to our showroom effectiveness.


Joyce Hitchner, V.P., DreamStyle Remodeling, Client, Dec, 2014


* * * * *

Upon deciding to move forward with a Front and Back Courtyard project at our newly purchased home, we searched for a company that would help us to develop a plan that could be used for project estimating and creative design. 3D Home & Landscape Design for our requirements. Many Landscape Design companies also are landscapers and therefore do not allow for independent planning and estimating. 3D allowed us the independence that we desired. They were open to our input and yet were also did not hold back on valuable suggestions that may have been contrary to our initial plans.
We felt very comfortable working cooperatively and independently with 3D. They met their timetables and even went the extra mile when we were faced with an unusually stringent deadline with an HOA requirement. This allowed us to move forward with actual construction versus an additional month long wait time.
Our experience with 3D was fruitful and rewarding and therefore, we highly recommend them for design projects and would use them for future projects.

Bob & Janet Kayda , Homeowners, Aug 2014

* * * * *

You know the old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words! Well, I can tell you Envision 3D has saved me more than a thousand words. In fact being able to show a 3D walk thru of my future massage clinic I have already got several investors and Therapist. Envision 3D's design team has changed my life. I couldn't believe how they could take a simple floor plan and turn it into a work of art. I can't wait to start my next project. Their professionalism and engineering know how can't be surpassed. If any one would like to ask questions about my experience working with Envision 3D I would be happy to speak with you.

Vince Losack, Business Owner,  Apr 2014


* * * * *

It has been a pleasure to work with Envision 3D Home and Landscape Design! We have a new home with quite a large backyard space. It is a bit overwhelming to try to imagine what to do! Thank goodness for Envision 3D! They met with us to talk about what we wanted in our space. They listened to our likes and what our time commitment to upkeep would be. We were amazed to see the final product! All of the areas they designed are perfect for our family! We will have plants which will not require us to spend a lot of time with upkeep --- we can focus on enjoying our space! The added component of the 3D design was so much fun to look at; it really brings the design to life, something you wouldn't get with a paper only design! I would recommend Envision 3D Home and Landscape with the utmost confidence


Cara Chavez, Homeowner, Feb 2014


* * * * *

"My 20'x70' backyard was dead - five trees, six Spanish brooms and grass. Envision 3D showed me the possibilities with a design that made my friends envious. The plan added two raCara Chavezised gardens, a 800 square foot cement slab with a 13'x15' shade structure, expanded the existing back porch roof, added accent lighting and turned a sprinkler system into a drip irrigation system. The technology Envision 3D used brought a dream to life. They were knowledgeable and fun to work with. Julie went out of her way to select plants for the new gardens that were rabbit resistant, since wild rabbits visit my yard. They also helped by breaking down the costs so I could attack the project in affordable stages. My friends and I are now enjoying a beautiful backyard during Hot Tub Happy Hour."

Jane Moorman, Homeowner, Feb 2014


* * * * *

“We asked Envision to help us take a house plan to the next level. They were incredibly responsive and proactive in their recommendations on how to improve our design thoughts. The outcome exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and delivery. They completely redesigned a bathroom to create a wonderful spa-like feel as well as enhancing all the other key areas of the home. We highly recommend them.”


Roger and Cyndie Gullickson, Homeowners, Feb 2014


* * * * *

“We are completely satisfied with the services that were provided to us from Envision 3D. We had no idea on how to design our complete remodel for our kitchen and dining room space. We were working with a blank canvass. Envision 3D came in and gave us a design that provided exactly what we wanted, with all of the dimensions needed for our contractors. They spent time and energy making sure that we were happy customers, which we are!!”


Brad & Michelle Andersen, Homeowners, Feb 2014 


* * * * *

“Envision 3D provides a valuable tool that we incorporate into our design and remodel process. Their 3D rendering service helps our homeowners visually close the gap between concept and completion. They provide highly detailed floor plan and elevation renderings that are technically accurate, easy to follow and ‘to-scale.’ I highly recommend Envision 3D for anyone that is looking to remodel their home.”


Tim Rizek Jr., Remodeler, Aug 2013

President of Rizek Inc., Design & Remodeling


* * * * *

"I really wanted to make over our bathrooms, but my husband had trouble visualizing what I wanted to do… (he) did not see the need for the remodel. Envision 3D enabled him to really "see" our convenient and functional new bathrooms beforehand. Soon, we were looking for a contractor. Once the project started, Envision helped it proceed really smoothly--not a single change order!"


Gwynne Whitcomb, Homeownerf, Sept 2011


* * * * *

"While I plan to put this house on the market soon, it occurred to me that there are improvements that could be made to the house to make it more attractive to buyers. Rather than implementing those changes myself, I chose to render them in 3D with Envision, so that would-be buyers could really picture the home's full potential. You might call it a 'virtual remodel."


Rogan Thompson, Custom Home Builder, Aug 2011


* * * * *

"Both my husband and I wish to thank you for the work you did on our make over.  Envision 3D was very sensitive to our limited budget, yet designed a very workable and attractive house exterior and front-yard make over for us.  By using items we had on hand, you helped us incorporate them into the plan, thus making this even more workable for us.  Seeing it in 3D REALLY excited us and got us moving on the project."


Ted & Bonnie Smith, Homeowners, May 2012 


* * * * *

“For the first time one can expect to see what a residential project will look like before the fact.  Envision 3D is at the cutting edge of this exciting breakthrough, Architectural Visualization, realistically representing a project from a modest renovation to a new home.”


Chuck Maguire, Colleague, Nov 2012

Maguire Designs, Inc.


* * * * *

"My customer wanted a luxurious, spa-retreat bathroom and had very specific tastes and ideas for the details. Working with Envision 3D gave me full visual of what they wanted and kept the customer and me on the same page at all times. I 'hit it out of the park'--they could not have been more pleased with the result."


Joe Hopkins, Owner of The Renew Crew Remodeling, Mar 2010 


* * * * *

"I saw a landscape in 'Sunset Magazine' that I thought was only a dream for my back yard... Envision 3D made it a reality, all the way down to the detailed plan and plant & materials list that my landscaper could dig right into."


James Schneider, Homeowner, Sept 2011


* * * * *

"As a landscape professional, I found Envision 3D's services to be extremely useful in enabling my client to 'see' the end result beforehand. This put me way ahead of my competition. Also, my crew used the plan and the 3D renderings along the way and there were no negative 'surprises' when I'd return to the job site each day. This saved headaches and expense. And in the end, my client got the exact landscape he wanted and was very happy."


Martin Goen, Landscape Professional, Aug 2011  


* * * * *

"I am a DIYer, but Envision 3D helped me visualize the size, placement, and aesthetics of my new garage, project was personalized by adding specific area details such as walls, existing landscaping and future landscaping options, as well as get a handle on the framing. It came out JUST like we envisioned it!"


Joel Enebak, Homeowner, Aug 2013


* * * * *

"Thanks to Envision 3D, we became convinced that a new workout/recreation room was going to be just what we need… and what our grandkids want!"


F. Eriter, Homeowner, Jun 2010


* * * * *

"It was so comfortable working with Envision 3D! After realizing I couldn't come up with a good plan on my own (not to mention procrastinating for months) I called Envision 3D Rendering for help. I gave the team my yard measurments, told them about my difficulty with not knowing what to plant and where to plant, and asked them to surprise me. And surprise me they did! I loved what Envision 3D showed me. The renderings were from several angles and showed all the amazing features. I had one small request, and they interpreted my vision and made it happen. I love what they did, and you will too!"


Margaret Lucas, Homeowner, May 2010


* * * * *

"My Wife and I used Envision 3D to design our new spa master bathroom. This was a very major remodel which involved moving the tub from one side of the room to another, and the same for the shower and toilet. With Envision's help we were able to see that we could remove the hall closet and use it's space for the new toilet area. We also were able to focus on the tightest dimensions and prove there would be enough room for the design. We then tried different types of wall coloring, mirror, tiling, wainscoting, and chair rail ideas on computer before we ever bought the material. Once we had the design, we went out for bids and could easily compare contractors because they were all bidding on OUR design. Construction went perfectly and there were NO change orders. As a result, we saved way more than the cost of Envision 3D. Additionally, everything was right on schedule. Lastly, because of the 3D's, we knew exactly what the finished product was supposed to look like and so did the contractor. So, thanks to Envision 3D we were all on the "same page" and that made it easy and everyone was happy. Needless to say, our remodel came out just like we envisioned. We can not imagine doing any remodel without Envision 3D."


The Baires, Homeowners, Mar 2010 


* * * * *

Happy clients with their kitchen remodel floorplan

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