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Envision 3D Home & Landscape Design, LLC TM

"If we draw it, they will build!"

For Contractors




Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design  Julie Kahn in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz

Create High-Tech Profile & Marketing Power

Optimize & Analyze

Envision 3D's Products

What it Costs

Win more bids!

Execute and refine remodeling projects more accurately, efficiently and professionally. 

Oftentimes with remodeling and landscaping projects, the homeowner is dissatisfied because the finished work wasn't what they envisioned.  Prevent problems down the road by making sure you really know your clients' expectations.  Envision 3D creates a design that the client loves and digitally translates the design ideas (while incorporating your ideas and the client's) into a realistic, 3-dimensional model, as well as working drawings.  Use the resulting renderings with your customer to determine whether or not design concepts are attractive, possible and practical--prior to construction.  Be certain that your entire team and your client are "on the same page" during the entire construction process.  Ultimately, Envision 3D  helps you show your customer that you know what they want and that you can make it happen on time, on budget, and with the best possible results!

  WHAT Envision 3D CAN DO FOR YOU.

- Offer powerful 3D design service that is in-step with today's client expectations (just as they see on today's home design and remodeling TV shows)--at a very minimal cost to you

    • Present What We Do As A Service You Provide

- Avoid losing bids because your competition offers this service and your company doesn't.

- Minimize customer frustration and wait time - "start" their job right away by having it rendered. 

  • Optimize The Planning And Design Phase

- Experiment with various structure/room concepts (go from a rough sketch to a detailed blueprint).

- Evaluate the design against national building codes. 

- Perform more accurate materials estimations.

- Use our products to collaborate with all members of the remodeling/construction team and your client throughout the project.

  • Analyze The Impact Of Changes, Minimize Schedule Delays

- Explore challenges and potential changes with your client to find the best solutions.

- Use less time and effort to accurately estimate time, materials, and cost impacts for change-orders.

- Avoid having redos impact your current project's schedule and delay progress on other projects.

Envision 3D's PRODUCTS.

We create state-of-the-art, computerized renderings, even 3D "virtual tours," of the entire project space, using Chief Architect 3D CAD software.  We add our engineering experience and capabilities, as well as landscaping and gardening expertise to yield extremely professional and useful results:

- To-scale, dimensioned, blueprint layouts (up to Architectural D (24" x 36") and construction-ready permitable construction plans)

- 3D renderings (unlimited camera view options; cross-section/elevation views; doll-house views; and full overviews).

- Drawings that separate key building components (e.g., electrical, framing).

- List of materials (e.g., framing, tile, paint, etc)

- 3D "watercolor" or black & white renderings for "idea sketching" (perfect for your clients to sit down with designers/suppliers) in selecting and laying out aesthetics, or to sketch additions for further rendering.

  • Great for illustrations (e.g., for Magazines, Parade of Homes listings)

- Incorporation of highly specific design features, materials, and colors (e.g., for walls, floors, cabinetry, counters, lighting, appliances/furnishings, doors and windows, cabinetry, etc.) using  comprehensive manufacturer/name-brand databases.


Envision 3D  is very affordable.

Our services incorporate seamlessly into your business structure. Your client can even purchaseour services directly from us.

However, we highly recommend that you consider using a rebate approach, whereby your client obtains an estimate for our services and you agree to rebate the entire cost ora percentage of the cost back to your client by applying an agreed-to amount toward the total project. This enables your client to recapture (or offset) their investment. As forthe cost to you, many contractors view the reasonable cost of our services as a very effective way to enhance their business. After all, our 3D design process helps winbids and very importantly--it streamlines planning, design, and construction.


We offer a 5% referral fee to you for each client who learns about Envision 3D  from you and chooses to purchase our services

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