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Remodeling and Home Design

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Remodeling and Home Design

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Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design  Julie Kahn in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz

Dated 60's Ranch House to 2017 Modern Home


9/5/17 - Site survey, client interview, measurements, video, photos.

9/5/17 - Project start date. Floorplanning, video processing

9/9/17 - Initial design complete.

9/11/17 - Design Review 1

9/15/17 - 2nd site survey - more measurements, videoing

9/18/17 - Design Review 2

10/3/17 - Design Review 3, initial floorplan provided to client and contractor

10/4/17 - Client making final material selections...

10/10/17 - Initial floorplan provided to cabinet contractor.


This extensive remodel involves removing a kitchen pass-through wall that seperates the kitchen from the dining room, extending a litchen wall into the large foyer entryway, adding a larger butcher block kitchen center, adding an entertainment bar-counter, creating an extensive walk-in pantry; reaaranging the laundry room and hall bath incorporating closets and a mud room; converting a family room into an office and recreation center that can transition into a large bedroom with its own bath, and more.




3D Design

360 degree view - Click upper right corner for full screen (Esc to return), then click mouse to drag, and zoom   


70's Home to Designer AWESOME Remodel 

This project encompasses a comprehensive, multi-room (kitchen, dining room, living room, master bath, hall bath, guest powder room, and foyer/entry way) remodel of the home built in the 70's. It is focused on the Client's desire for a stylish, but comfortable home, using modern-farmhouse style to complement the home's contemporary Southwestern roots. We preserved and honored the Southwestern features that made the Client fall in love with the home to begin with, including red-brick floors in the entryway and living room, as well as the weighty, rough-hewn beams in the main living areas and the plank ceiling in the living room. The resulting design incorporates the Client's basic wants, needs, and overall tastes into beautifully refreshed spaces that provide optimal functionality and flow.

Living Room

Dining Room & Kitchen

Master Bath

New Home Design 

"Building In The Nation"

The home's design aesthetic will honor the land of the Navajo Reservation in Dalton Pass, New Mexico (just west of Crownpoint, New Mexico) and blend attractively with the typical and traditional homes found there. The home will feature three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, great room, den, game room, and utility room, ranch-style exterior, a basement, Porches and patios


7/1015  - Client inteviewed

7/12/15 - Rough plans and specifications provided to Envisin 3D

7/19/15 - Contract provided to client.

8/4/15 - Client has elected to design with Envision 3D - Design effort will comence in Dec.

10/8/15 - Clients participate in Envision 3D's Monthly On-Line Demo

2/28/16 - Clients have signed contract, the project's start date will soon be determined.

3/21/16 - Planned project start date.

3/22/16 - Virtual construction has begun.  Land plot and initial home floorplan entered. Kitchen, windows.

3/23/16 - Screened Porch, kitchen island, hall bath designed.

3/24/16 - Reviewed all client-provided documents. Other questions and recommendations generated; Sneek Peak #1.

4/5/16 - Verified measurements, adjusted kitchen, front porch railing and floor heights to accomandate front door steps.

4/5/16 - Reviewed email feedback. Hall bath, stairs, cellar entry.

4/6/16 - Incorporated initial specs and Sneak Peek #1 comments.

4/6/16 - Added solar tubes, solar exaust fans, tankless water heaters, ceiling fans, game tables.

4/7/16 - Exterior aesthetics, stone vaneers, stucco color, paint, patio/back porch concepts

4/8/16 - Front porch stacked stone, porch planters, furnishing rooms.

4/9/16 - MasterBath, landscaped planters, laundry rm cabinetry.

4/10/16 - Transom windows, railroad, pool table, air hockey table, shuffleboard table, ping-pong table added.

4/11/16 - Reviewed technical questions and recommendations, some tweeks. Sneak Peek #2.

4/11/16 - Porch overhead opening, wall coverings, patio outdoor kitchen and furnishings.

4/13/16 - Lowered basement, rebuilt egress stairway and door, rebuilt patios and planters, rebuilt roof

4/15/16 - Incorporated Sneak Peek #2 feedback and email comments.

4/17/16 - Adjusting front half of home to add 2' linear feet for stairs.

4/18/16 - Completed 2' floorplan adjustment, Incorporated aesthetics from 4/17 email, validated incorporation of contract requirements

4/19/16 - Changed out library shelves, lighting throughout house, Sneak Peek #3 recording provided

4/21/16 - Reworked porch façade, front door

4/26/16 - Completed master closet w/ lighting, accent tile, shower niches.

4/29/16 - Final Design Review.

5/3/16 - Changes from FDR, window wells, documents to drafter for construcion drawings.

5/17/16 - Final Technical Report, ray-traced 3D images completed.

6/2/16 - Final Construction drawings, Stucco, cultured stone report, Structural Engineer's Report completed and delivered.

6/30/16 - Revised Construction Drawings completed and delivered.

7/5-8/16 - Updating 3D model for construction drawing changes: moving egress stairs, adding walls to library, changing basement walls, adding basement wall & opening.

9/23/16 - Construction starts! Excavation by tractoring. Photos coming!

12/28/16 - Basement walls formed - see photo!

10/10/17 - Its sort of done. Starting to unpack and hang decorative items and key components (tv's and stereo). Everything looks good and is almost ready for pictures and open house.

Client's Concept


3D Design




In Construction



12/28/16 - Basement Walls Formed



West-Side Backyard Landscape and Kitchen Patio

This recently built Westside home had a completely barren back yard that was transformed to provide just the look and functionality that the client was looking for.  The end result is a xeric oasis, providing shade and privacy with mirco-climate appropriate, low-maintenance, xeric--yet showy, plants and trees, all in harmony with homeowner association guidelines.  The hardscape showcases the plantings, provides a sense of enclosure, and offers relaxing spots for entertaining and dining.  The enclosed patio extension is useable year-round and is perfectly suited for family use and for hosting company.

12/30/15 - Site survey, client interviewed

1/6/16 - Client participates in on-line demo

1/10/16 - Contract signed

1/14/16 - private ideabook established

1/22/16 - Project start date

1/22/16 - Renderedl lhome exterior, roof, back, side walls, terrain.

1/23/16 - Roof, initial design concepts in CAD.

1/25/16 - Patio enclosure research, HOA guidelines, retainer wall, pergula/porch extension & more

1/26/16 - Created enclosed outdoor living space, fire pit area, planting areas, play set, grill/bar w/stools & more

1/27/16 - Widened and reroofed enclosure, changed tables, grass, interior water feature; Sneak Peek #1.

1/30/16 - Chages form Sneak Peek, adding mini soccer field, more grass, modified fireplace, moving planters, trampoline. Began raytracings.

2/1/16 - Sneek Peek #2.

2/7/16 - Widened and reroofed enclosure, changed tables, grass, interior water feature; Sneak Peek #1. Copleted technical report.

2/8-2/9 - Ray-tracing, some evergreen changeouts.

2/10/16 - Deliverables prepared and printed.

2/16/16 - Products delivered.  Project complete!  Client delighted!

4/12/16 - Client asked for and provided additinal 3D images to help in permitting process.

9/19/16 - Update: Patio extension structure and back retainer and planter walls constructed.

3D Design

Construction Underway!


Outdated and Drab Bath Reborn as Mountain Spa Retreat

The Master Bath evokes a rustic-meets-contemporary spa ambiance.  This is accomplished through generous use of stone and stone-like materials, soothingly creamy walls, wood accents, and cleanly defined lines.  Thoughtfully designed day- and nighttime lighting makes grooming a pleasure and showcases the entire space. 

1/20/16 - Site survey, client interview, measurements, video, photos.

3/8/16 - Project start date. MBath rendered, designing. Photos and videos processed. Pinterest images reviewed and appropriate ideas incorporated.

3/9/16 - Designing continued, Client authorizes utilizing part of closet for enclosed water closet. RayTracing intitial design.

3/9/16 - Initial sneak peek images provided.  Feedback provided by clients.

3/14/16 - Integrated changes from sneak peek into new plans.

3/15/16 - Finalized changes for new plans; ray-tracing.

3/16/16 - Sneak Peek #1  design review.

3/17/16 - Integrated minor changes from review.

3/18/16 - Sneak Peek changes

4/12/16 - Integrating 3/27 email comments. Ray-tracing.

4/13/16 - Provided preview images in email.

4/26/16 - Completed project


3D Design

North Valley Custom Dream Home Design

Envision 3D was contracted to design a custom home in Albuquerque's North Valley on a beautiful, one-acre lot near the Rio Grande.  The client had done lots of "homework" and came forward with very specific criteria for nearly every room in the house.  An open feel with lots of windows and natural light would be important to the home's overall feel.  The design began with an "H-style" layout concept, but eventually transitioned into a two-story home to provide the desired privacy and functionality and to take advantage of lovely views.  Using vivid 3D to accomplish several redirections and numerous design refinements, the design ultimately captures the client's vision for her "dream home".  

10/10/16 - Update: Construction is now about 95% complete - see the latest construction images below.  Note, to save costs, the owner elected to incorporate much less expensive windows, and redesigned the entrance exterior.

Construction (in progress)


3D Design


South Valley Investment Property

A very capable local remodeling company asked Envision 3D to design a complete overhaul of a formerly delapidated home and overgrown, debris-filled yard in Albuquerque's South Valley.  The home sits on a nicely located, very large lot.  Working hand-in-hand with the client, we designed a layout for the home that completely transforms it from dated and small, to contemporary and spacious, while keeping the project well within budget to maximize profit upon resale.  This includes a new great room addition with dinning area and cozy window banco , complete new master BR  suite and master bath, new mud rm, laundry rm, additional BR in place of existing underused living rm, new entry with extended portico to new foyer, new kitchen breakfast bar. We will also be designing a landscape that provides great curb appeal that is also moderate in cost for the remodeler and low-maintenance for the new owner. 

1/2/17 -  Demolition and tear out completed.

1/23/17 - Design completed, including new great room addition with dinning area and cozy window banco , complete new master BR  suite and master bath, new mud rm, laundry rm, additional BR in place of existing underused living rm, new entry with extended portico to new foyer, new kitchen breakfast bar.

1/26/17 - Master bath vanity design modifications in progress.

2/26/17 - Walkthru of construction, provided additional design recommendations to contractor regarding master bath vanity.

10/18/17 - Full set of construction drawings created and provided to contractor for submitting to city permitting office.


3D Design

360 degree view - Click upper right corner for full screen (Esc to return), then click mouse to drag, and zoom    

360 degree 3D Virtual Floorplan - Click on the Envision 3D logo to see a 360 3D for that room.

Miraposa Parade of Homes Landscape

Envision 3D just started design work on an extensive landscape that will perfectly complement a fabulous new home (headed for the Parade of Homes) in the Miraposa community in Rio Rancho. 

1/18/17 -  Project start. House plans picked up.

1/20/17 - completed exterior home model

1/25/17 - Imported new graded terrain (w/o data), made terrain contours around house; updated parapets.

1/26/17 - Reviewed guidelines, requested most current from HOA; sent email to clients ref HOA windows issue

1/29/17 - Driveway and planned vs forced Jacuzzi and fire pit locations designed

1/30/17 - gravel, driveway;  downloaded imagry to project folder, started landscape, conducted first design review with clients.

1/31/17 - More retainer and privacy wall / terrain design, reviewed supplimental Estates guidelines

2/1/17 - created drainage ponds, walkway around house, jacuzzi, more retainer walls, stairs to jacuzzi

2/3/17 - completed baseline landscape design, redesigned bldg envelope.  Conducted 2nd design review with clients.

2/6/17 - Reworked wall design around jacuzzi,stairs

2/7/17 - designed fire pit, more jacuzzi, landscaped 2nd BR window, aournd fire pit

2/8/17 - designed courtyard landscape, prepared layout, sent to Reprographics, more stairs, created layers, ray tracings

2/9/17 - Raised back retainer wall and adjusted terrain grade a bit

2/10/17 - Jucuzzi details

2/15/17 - ray-tracing

2/22/17 - phone review with clients; Created and emailed 3D pdf imges and layout for upcoming HOA mtg.

2/23/17 - Amended contract to enable additional support.

3/3/17 - Reviewed baseline design with Community Association Founder - very well received

3/8/17 - Building envelope changes, plant research, added plants, removed gravel

3/9/17 - Began ray-tracing

3/13/17 - Final design clean up and finalized layout

3/15/17 - Completed layout, tech report, processed 3D images, created deliverables, printed layouts, 3D images, tech report, cover, put together binders.

3/16/17 - Deliverables meeting with builder and community association founder.  All very well received!

3/16/17 - Project completed successfully - all clients very happy!


3D Design (in progress)



360 degree view - Click upper right corner for full screen (Esc to return), then click mouse to drag, and zoom  


Design-to-Budget Front Yard Landscape

8/15/17 -  Contract signed; Project start.

8/30/17 - Project complete - customers extremely happy and begining to seek bids from contractors.


3D Design

Entertainment Back Yard Landscape

10/3/17 -  Site survey for measurements, videos,a nd photos; Project start.

10/17/17 - Design review 1 - customers happy , minimal changes required.

10/20/17 - Various changes.


3D Design


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