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Landscape Planning and Design  

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" Before  you build... Envision  it!" TM 



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Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design  Julie Kahn in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz  Envision 3D in Albuquerque, NM on Houzz

We design-render landscapes for both residential and commercial clients. Our data base includes over 6,000 plants, trees, and shrubs, including xeric species, which can all be resized/aged.  We can even incorporate survey / GPS terrain data.   Additionally, we render the exterior of the home and add features such as decks, patios, swimming pools, tennis courts, ponds, etc.  We also incorporate actual background views from the property.  Below left is one example of a rendering we did for a client to enable him to visualize changes to their landscape through their windows.  On the right is another client's virtually landscaped yard, including a new pool, superimposed on their actual background view.

360 degree view - Click upper right corner for full screen (Esc to return), then click mouse to drag, and zoom


Our customers have been completely delighted with our services.  After virtually "breaking ground," they are eager to go forward and get their projects done.  And of course, their landscapes come out just like they envisioned!


"On-Site Landscaping". Envision can incorporate home and landscape rendering directly onto the property's site to enable the homeowner (and an approving homeowners neighborhood association architectural committee) to see how it will look in the actual setting.  Here's an example of our recent work on a home in Sandia Heights

Here is the home as it currently looks, next to the 2D Landscape Plan, including the remodel floor plan for the ground level:




Here is the rendering of the new landscape and the home  (in the planned remodeled state) in the actual setting; to the right is a landscape-only rendering (client may choose to simply "soften" the exterior of the home with additional landscaping) -- again, in the actual setting.



Front Yard Transformation That Pops!

Landscaping is an area where our clients can often be completely at a loss regarding what they want.  But oftentimes, they are very clear on what they DON'T want:  their CURRENT landscape!  Such was the case with the Barnharts, so first-things-first, out came the existing front yard--all of it.  Envision 3D was thus presented with a completely blank slate.  We worked around several design constraints, including:  the client's desire for an additional parking area that would blend well with one previously installed; the need to keep planter soil away from the home's brick walls; and the request that an area remain accessible for sprinkler valve and water main access.  We came up with a design that "works" on many levels.  The landscape integrates beautifully with the home's exterior and even gives it a modest facelift using stacked stone.  It also features, at the owners' request, low-maintenance garden beds dominated by xeric plants.  At the same time however, the planting design "pops" with color and variety and results in a landscape that distinguishes the Barnhart home on the block.


3D Design





A High-End Landscape

This client wisely chose to see his landscape contractor's design in 3D before moving into the construction phase. Working with Envision 3D the client was able to visualize the actual plantings (in their nursery-stock size, as well as at maturity) and their placements with respect to the home's design and window views.  He also worked with us in 3D to virtually "build" the hardscape structures beforehand.  This process enabled the client to make many changes to plant selections, as well as to finalize the look and scale of the hardcape features.  He also used used Envision 3D's images to get approval from the neighborhood's architectural committee.  He then entered the construction phase with confidence.  This beautiful landscape is now complete and is being thoroughly enjoyed. Final photos are forthcoming.

3D Design


These are renderings, not photographs!

A New Xeric Oasis! 

The final design is a xeric oasis, providing shade and privacy with a site- and microclimate- appropriate selection of hardy, low-maintenance, yet showy, plantings.   The landscape has been thoughtfully designed so that its plantings and hardscape features provide a very much needed sense of enclosure in the back and side yards.  Outdoor"rooms" include a "shaded retreat" in the hottest corner of the yard, making it a secluded destination with comfy seating and a cozy fire pit, rather than a spot to be avoided.  Other spaces are fully suited for entertaining, including an outdoor kitchen with a bar counter and stools on the opposite side, as well as a more formal dining area.  On the latter, note that the dining set used in the 3D renderings of the patio area is perfectly proportioned with the client's existing set.  An outdoor living room completes the space, and includes an outdoor fireplace and even a television.  Outdoor curtains help create needed shade and provide immediate privacy when desired.  Construction is currently underway!



3D Design

(These are NOT photos!)


"Nothing But Dirt to Everything We Wanted"

The final design provides shade and privacy with a site- and microclimate-appropriate selection of hardy, low-maintenance, yet showy, plantings. Flowers are all perennial, so as to provide continual color, yet minimize work for the client. Trees and shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous were carefully selected and placed to provide needed shade, as well as wintertime greenery and structure. In the center of the yard, comfy yet contemporary seating and a cozy fire pit are punctuated by artisan-made wire-sculpture lighting spheres. Along the western perimeter wall, a trio of large-scale planters provide a dramatic focal point that add visual interest and hold sculptural xeric plants.The enclosed patio extension is perfectly suited for family use and entertaining with an outdoor kitchen (there's even a space to stash the client's smoker), bar counter and stools on the opposite side, as well as a dining area. A mini-soccer area was also desired by the client, the play zone includes a playset and a hopscotch. We can't wait to be invited over for Margaritas!


3D Design




Mariposa Parade of Homes Landscape

The final design is a xeric oasis that employs site and microclimate appropriate selections of hardy, low-maintenance, yet showy, plantings. Flowers are all perennial and annuals that naturally reseed, so as to provide continual color, yet minimize work for the client. Trees and shrubs (both evergreen and deciduous) have been carefully selected and placed to complement the home's modern-Zen aesthetic, as well to provide wintertime interest and structure. Many of the plants are native to southwestern New Mexico; others are perfect complements to our high-desert climate and environment.


3D Design






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